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Known for our traditional teahouse as well
as our real estate business, Morinoen has a rich history with deep roots in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward, which is located at the heart of the city. A fixture in the community, we have been operating in the same location since 1914.

In Japanese real estate transactions, buyer and sellers rely heavily on their respective agents or brokerage firms. The burden of trust lies with the buyer, and the seller holds the power to determine whether a transaction will proceed. This means that selling agents tend to scrutinize agents on the purchasing side of the transaction. Selling agents often refuse to do business with buyer-side brokers that are newly established, located far away, or operated under foreign ownership.

For over a century, we have conducted business with a focus on our community. We are trusted by seller-side agents and brokers and consistently engage in win-win transactions that please buyers and sellers alike.

We are fully committed to supporting our valued overseas customers, and you can count on the network that we have established throughout our long history of conducting community-minded business. Contact us today, and let us leverage our vast network to help you discover the property of your dreams in Japan.

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